So Sew Good

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I’ve taken up learning to sew with a machine just for fun and to break up the home office vibe these days and yes, home office because of COVID-19.

As it turns out, I had quite a collection of fabrics and pre-loved batik serviettes and such which I have started re purposing into pot holders and cushion covers. I’m not quite at the haute couture stage of my creations…

What’s nice is that each item is mostly pre-loved and has a story of when and where the fabrics, ribbons and so forth were either bought or were a gift.

So… or sew… it’s like going down memory lane while the machine is chugging along. The machine is a Husqvarna 5710 – pre loved as well – so my environmental footprint is quite small.

Anyhoo. I plan to keep track of the items and how they were made in my hobby tool de jour, Elasticsearch.

Here is the placeholder “Sew Good” page that will have more info.

Looking forward to playing around with how to visualise it all!