How to triage bugs. Or, avoiding “just one more quick bug fix” because that is really, really, really, really, really expensive

What is the problem, exactly? It is easy to fall into the trap of adding “just one more quick bug fix” into the build before sending the software out to the customer.  Doing this repeatedly can cause lengthy delays, as typically any change can impact other areas of the software, creating a snowball effect of […]

Tens of thousands affected as Grab technical glitch hits commuters across the region

2018 02 28 – Click to read full article IMPACT: Grab customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam faced difficulties booking their rides in the morning IMPACT: [a] full-time driver … expects to suffer at least S$60 (RM178) in earnings during the outage ROOT CAUSE: a technical issue with its app… the server was down COMPANY […]

National digital identity system to be rolled out in second half of 2018

2018 03 01 – Click to read full article FUTURE DIGITALIZATION: A key component of Singapore’s new national digital identity (NDI) system for residents will be rolled out PREVIOUS ISSUES: A software bug in the recently upgraded system led to the crash. Unfortunately, this bug was in the backup system, too. COMPANY RESPONSE: A comprehensive update […]