Computer Glitch Knocks Divvy Bikes System Down Wednesday Morning

CBS Chicago – December 20, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: a glitch with an overnight update to the Divvy system IMPACT: taken out the city’s Divvy Bikes system during the morning rush COMPANY RESPONSE: “We are working to resolve the situation quickly and hope to have the system up and running soon,”… we are working through some larger […]

Banks Are Worried Tech Systems Could Crash After Introduction of New EU Rules

Bloomberg – December 21, 2017 PREVENTION: [working to prevent] Computers crashing, investors frozen out of markets and a heightened risk of fat finger mistakes PREVENTION: Banks and asset managers have spent years preparing for the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ROOT CAUSE: there has been so much late breaking news on MiFID II that everyone is […]

These five programming languages have flaws that expose apps to attack

ZDNet – December 11, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: language vulnerabilities are suspected of having been caused by attempts to simplify software development IMPACT: the research shows that applications can suffer from security issues when using certain features from programming languages IMPACT: “There are a number of possibilities to be abused in different implementations that could affect secure […]

Sloppy coding + huge PSD2 changes = Lots of late nights for banking devs next year

The Register – December 8, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: Poorly written code ROOT CAUSE: Financial service firms have many older systems and in some cases have not spent the effort to upgrade them to modern security standards ROOT CAUSE: financial sector [has] the need to support legacy… apps written in Cobol but also because of complex coding […]

HP patch released to stop keyboard-tracking computer bug

Evening Standard – December 11, 2017 DISCOVERED BY: Michael Myng, who discovered a deactivated keylogger in software on over 460 models of HP laptop ROOT CAUSE: keylogging software that was accidentally installed on nearly 500 computer models within the last five years COMPANY RESPONSE: released a security update and has warned owners of HP computers to […]