MacOS High Sierra bug: blank password let anyone take control of a Mac

The Guardian – November 30, 2017 IMPACT: discovered a couple of weeks ago and disclosed in an Apple developer support forum… allow[s] anyone to access locked settings on a Mac using the user name “root” and no password, and subsequently unlock the computer IMPACT: embarrassing for the company and dangerous, allowing anyone with physical access […]

Macy’s suffers a technical glitch at the worst possible time — Black Friday

Digital Trends – November 25, 2017 AFFECTED: Macy’s had significant trouble processing credit cards and gift cards [on] .. the busiest shopping day in the U.S AFFECTED: Macy’s stores across the country were suffering the same outages IMPACT: frustrated customers and some lost revenue IMPACT: caused some transactions to take longer to process ROOT CAUSE: […]

Technical Glitch Caused Collision Of SMRT Trains: Singapore Authority

Malaysian Digest – November 16, 2017 IMPACT: collision between two Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains that resulted in 28 people being injured ROOT CAUSE: a software problem on one of the trains ROOT CAUSE: a faulty signalling system … had inadvertently removed a software protection feature on the first of two trains… giving off a […]

OVH suffers two-hour outage in two locations due to software bug, electrical issue

Data Center Dynamics – November 10, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: a software bug in the optical equipment AFFECTED: “caused the configuration to be lost and the connection to be cut.” IMPACT: the company’s fiber optic network was cut off in its Roubaix facility – which has interconnection points in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Brussels COMPANY […]