Corporate watchdog Asic in privacy breach exposing users’ search history

The Guardian – November 8, 2017 IMPACT: Australia’s corporate regulator’s “website … exposes the search records of anyone tapping into its company database” COMPANY RESPONSE: “Asic’s failure to close down the loophole after almost a fortnight” FOLLOW UP: “From 22 February, organisations will have to notify and give advice to any person who is likely […]

Bug stops some iPhone users typing “I” – replacing it with a symbol

  The Guardian – November 7, 2017 IMPACT: “some iPhone users unable to type the word “I” IMPACT: ” a lower-case “i” character is appearing in the emoji picker, while others are seeing the strange unicode character where a normal “I” is written” ROOT CAUSE (unconfirmed): “seems to be related to Apple’s cloud-based synchronisation for […]

Nationwide customers ‘bank cards suddenly stopped working’ after technical glitch

The Sun – November 5, 2017 IMPACT: “payments declined and were locked out of their accounts” IMPACT: “people across the country say they were left “embarrassed” at checkouts while some claimed they’d been unable to “pay their bills and mortgage” IMPACT: “some feared their account had been “compromised”” COMPANY RESPONSE: “”We’re working hard to put […]

WhatsApp’s hour-long outage today was global in scale, likely caused by software bug

Techcrunch – November 3, 2017 IMPACT: “a roughly hour-long global outage on Friday, which led to difficulties in accessing the app and sending messages to friends” IMPACT: “…over 1.2 billion users, and is relied upon as the main means of messaging for many people, particularly in emerging markets like India” COMPANY RESPONSE: “This issue has […]

Google/Waymo Stopped Testing Level 3 Self-Driving Tech After Testers Literally Fell Asleep While Using It

Cleantechnica – November 1, 2017 ISSUE: “some drivers literally started falling asleep during testing” ISSUE: “some users sleeping, quite a few staring endlessly at their smartphones, and some even putting on makeup — all while traveling at speeds of up to 56 mph” COMPANY REACTION: “The company decided to focus solely on technology that didn’t […]

The Hospital Concierge System of the Future

Sys-Con – October 19, 2017 PREVENTION OF HUMAN ERRORS IN HEALTHCARE: “the paper-based process used to measure patient health metrics was laborious, not in real-time and sometimes error-prone.” PROPOSED SOFTWARE SOLUTION: “Building an Alexa-powered voice application for both patients and nurses” … “Nurses can register patient health metrics. They were only able to do this […]

How Australia is Fighting Cyber Crime – October 11, 2017 PREVENTION: there will be penalty for states which break international norms in cyberspace and it is ready to take ‘military action’ to combat malicious cyber attacks PREVENTION: Australia already engages in cyber policy and cybersecurity meetings with countries like China, Canada, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, […]