So Sew Good

I’ve taken up learning to sew with a machine just for fun and to break up the home office vibe these days and yes, home office because of COVID-19. As it turns out, I had quite a collection of fabrics and pre-loved batik serviettes and such which I have started re purposing into pot holders […]

How to triage bugs. Or, avoiding “just one more quick bug fix” because that is really, really, really, really, really expensive

What is the problem, exactly? It is easy to fall into the trap of adding “just one more quick bug fix” into the build before sending the software out to the customer.  Doing this repeatedly can cause lengthy delays, as typically any change can impact other areas of the software, creating a snowball effect of […]

Using Jira Query Language (JQL) to give visibility on the work done to automate installing software

This is how I use labels in JIRA to give visibility to the team whenever QA is working on software installation and/or configuration scripts.   I add the label “qa_install” to tickets that involve working on installation scripts or config related to installing the software To view all tickets in the project with that label, here […]

Well Hello….

… hi there and G’day… The Anita’s Tips category is where I will post bits and bobs that I find useful in my daily QA work. They might be useful for you too, which is why I will share them. Nope, I’m not active on social media so if you want to get in touch, reach […]