Facebook apologises for storing draft videos users thought they had deleted

2018 04 03 – Click to read full article ROOT CAUSE: a “bug” IMPACT: resulted in draft videos being indefinitely stored instead DISCOVERED BY: users discovered videos they had never posted were being stored by the company COMPANY RESPONSE: “We discovered a bug that prevented draft videos from being deleted. We are deleting them and apologise […]

Computer glitch at CSU fails to upload SAT scores making applications incomplete

2018 01 26 – Click to read full article IMPACT: SAT and ACT scores failed to upload and attach for prospective California State University students COMPANY RESPONSE: despite the “backend issue” it hopes the rollout of this new system will greatly improve the application process and ultimately save students some money ROOT CAUSE: A computer coding […]

Southwest Operations Return To Normal After Technical Glitch At LAX Lead To Delays Nationwide

2018 01 19 – Click to read full article ROOT CAUSE: A computer issue IMPACT: grounding travelers throughout the country… as all flights to LAX had been canceled COMPANY RESPONSE: “…the issues with our airport technology system at LAX have been resolved, and our operation is returning to normal. We appreciate customers’ patience…”  

Apple text bomb bug ‘can cause phone crash with a single message’

ITV News – January 18, 2018 ISSUE: can crash an Apple phone or computer with a single text message ROOT CAUSE: A “text bomb” software bug (a malicious link) IMPACT: A number of Twitter users confirmed they had suffered crashes in their Messages app… some saying that they struggled to get their systems working properly again

Verifone hit by global outage on card machines

the Guardian – January 16, 2018 ISSUE: Shops, football stadiums and taxis unable to take payments from frustrated customers IMPACT: “Seeing as I have to take card payments by law as a London cabbie, your system failure means I can’t work…” IMPACT: supermarkets such as Waitrose IMPACT: Reading Football Club… could not take any card payments […]

London bus safety announcements: TfL to fix ‘technical glitch’ behind wrongly-timed ‘please hold on’ warnings

Evening Standard – January 15, 2018 ISSUE: repeatedly subjected bus passengers to wrongly-timed safety announcements IMPACT: “please hold on, the bus is about to move”… once the bus has already started moving IMPACT: irked travellers have dubbed them “insanely annoying” and “condescending nonsense” ROOT CAUSE: the announcements are based on an average time that a bus […]

Sickness benefit recipients receive unexpected payment due to computer glitch

Derry Journal – January 8, 2018 ISSUE: some Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) customers will receive weekly payments instead of their normal fortnightly payments IMPACT: customers should take account of this split in payments while planning their financial needs and budget accordingly ROOT CAUSE: a technical issue in the benefits computer system COMPANY RESPONSE: DfC apologised […]