OVH suffers two-hour outage in two locations due to software bug, electrical issue

Data Center Dynamics – November 10, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: a software bug in the optical equipment AFFECTED: “caused the configuration to be lost and the connection to be cut.” IMPACT: the company’s fiber optic network was cut off in its Roubaix facility – which has interconnection points in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Brussels COMPANY […]

Bug stops some iPhone users typing “I” – replacing it with a symbol

  The Guardian – November 7, 2017 IMPACT: “some iPhone users unable to type the word “I” IMPACT: ” a lower-case “i” character is appearing in the emoji picker, while others are seeing the strange unicode character where a normal “I” is written” ROOT CAUSE (unconfirmed): “seems to be related to Apple’s cloud-based synchronisation for […]

WhatsApp’s hour-long outage today was global in scale, likely caused by software bug

Techcrunch – November 3, 2017 IMPACT: “a roughly hour-long global outage on Friday, which led to difficulties in accessing the app and sending messages to friends” IMPACT: “…over 1.2 billion users, and is relied upon as the main means of messaging for many people, particularly in emerging markets like India” COMPANY RESPONSE: “This issue has […]

The Hospital Concierge System of the Future

Sys-Con – October 19, 2017 PREVENTION OF HUMAN ERRORS IN HEALTHCARE: “the paper-based process used to measure patient health metrics was laborious, not in real-time and sometimes error-prone.” PROPOSED SOFTWARE SOLUTION: “Building an Alexa-powered voice application for both patients and nurses” … “Nurses can register patient health metrics. They were only able to do this […]

Equifax hackers took driver’s license info on 10M Americans

CNET – October 10, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: hackers … cracked into Equifax’s systems by taking advantage of an unpatched software bug IMPACT: hackers stole the driver’s license information of more than 10 million Americans IMPACT: in addition to the Social Security numbers and other personal details about 145.5 million Americans hackers took from Equifax’s systems… […]