Software failure causes travel problems worldwide

The Week UK – September 28, 2017 IMPACT: users… complaining of lengthy wait times and long queues IMPACT: used by 125 firms around the world, including airlines and airports.. at airports including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Singapore, Johannesburg, Zurich, Melbourne, Washington and Paris ROOT CAUSE: commonly used check-in software crashed worldwide… ROOT CAUSE: a network issue […]

Apple Watch Series 3 Still Controversial Despite Bug Fixes

The Inquisitr – October 8, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: LTE wouldn’t work because the Watch tried to join unauthentic Wi-Fi networks found in public places ROOT CAUSE: a software bug IMPACT: many complaining that they couldn’t activate LTE service correctly on their Watch devices COMPANY RESPONSE: Apple has now issued a watchOS update that fixes LTE connectivity […]

Months-old software bug was responsible for the devastating Equifax breach

BGR – September 14, 2017 IMPACT: [a security breach of] the personal information of over 143 million Americans has… cost the company dearly… IMPACT: [Equifax] lost nearly a third of its stock price and is currently facing what will be the largest class action lawsuit ROOT CAUSE: a vulnerability in web server software that hadn’t been […]