Nationwide customers ‘bank cards suddenly stopped working’ after technical glitch

The Sun – November 5, 2017 IMPACT: “payments declined and were locked out of their accounts” IMPACT: “people across the country say they were left “embarrassed” at checkouts while some claimed they’d been unable to “pay their bills and mortgage” IMPACT: “some feared their account had been “compromised”” COMPANY RESPONSE: “”We’re working hard to put […]

Google/Waymo Stopped Testing Level 3 Self-Driving Tech After Testers Literally Fell Asleep While Using It

Cleantechnica – November 1, 2017 ISSUE: “some drivers literally started falling asleep during testing” ISSUE: “some users sleeping, quite a few staring endlessly at their smartphones, and some even putting on makeup — all while traveling at speeds of up to 56 mph” COMPANY REACTION: “The company decided to focus solely on technology that didn’t […]

It is just a technical glitch, we were not hacked – PnP

The Economist – October 20, 2017 IMPACT: customers experienced duplicate deductions of card transactions at various Pick n Pay stores countrywide ROOT CAUSE: refuted claims that their electronic payment system at its stores was hacked … the duplicate transactions being experienced are due to a technical error COMPANY RESPONSE: The banks are actively working on […]

SDG&E makes $250 million request to revamp its computer system

The San Diego Union-Tribune – October 3, 2017 ROOT CAUSE: technical complexities ROOT CAUSE: a 20-year-old mainframe computer system that uses a programming language that has since become outdated, forced the utility to often resort to custom-coding IMPACT: kept some customers from receiving monthly electric bills AFFECTED: almost 3 percent of SDG&E customers, or about 40,000 […]

Asda is giving out £15 gift cards to all customers affected by its … – September 25, 2017 IMPACT: unforeseeable technical glitch that occurred overnight, a small percentage of grocery home shopping orders had to be cancelled IMPACT: “every penny is gone” after her money was taken from her account COMPANY RESPONSE: we have provided a full refund along with a £15 voucher for their next order

End-of-world prediction heard on Southern California TV channels linked to ‘equipment failure’

The Mercury News – September 25, 2017 IMPACT: end-of-the-world message heard on some Orange County channels… caught many viewers watching various shows off guard ROOT CAUSE: During a… test of the Emergency Alert System… an equipment failure… resulted in… not sending the end-of-message tones that would disconnect those media entities participating in the Emergency Alert System […]