British Airways Apologizes For Delays Caused By Yet Another IT System Failure

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Passengers described scenes of chaos at London’s major airports after a problem with British Airways’ check-in system led to customers being checked in manually.

NPR – August 2, 2017

AFFECTED: Passengers had to be checked in manually

AFFECTED: passengers … had missed their flight

ROOT CAUSE: a problem with British Airways’ check-in system

Samsung TV owners furious after software update leaves sets unusable

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The Guardian – August 26, 2017

AFFECTED: left their recently acquired £1,400 sets with blank, unusable screens.

AFFECTED: appears to affect the latest models as owners of older Samsung TVs are not reporting the issue

AFFECTED: their new TVs are no longer working

ROOT CAUSE: a firmware update to 2017 MU Series TVs on 17 August

This is why you could not update Facebook, Instagram yesterday

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The Indian Express – August 17, 207

AFFECTED: Facebook and Instagram were down temporarily for a few hours on Saturday for some users in the US and Europe

AFFECTED: both the desktop and mobile users across the world, including the Europe, the US, Brazil, Japan and Australia

ROOT CAUSE: a code change is believed to be the reason