Govt to set up portal for cyber-crimes against women

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2018 02 10 – Click to read full article

PREVENTATIVE MEASURES: the government is going to establish a dedicated Cyber Crime Laboratory to stop Crimes against Women and Children

Our cyber forensic experts played an important role in preventing radicalisation of our youth … There have been incidents when morphed pictures are used to create confusion and tension

ROOT CAUSE: Traditional policing is not adequate to control crime in cyberspace

Google’s Project Zero disclosed a major Grammarly security bug that exposed everything you write

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2018 02 06 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: if you’re a regular Grammarly user, your writing history may have been compromised recently due to a major software

ROOT CAUSE: The bug … exposed Grammarly’s authorization tokens to “all websites,” allowing them to login to a user’s account to view their full writing history.

COMPANY RESPONSE: a confirmed fix for the bug was rolled out in a matter of hours

Marijuana growers say computer glitch with the state could put them out of business

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2018 02 06 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: Some marijuana growers say they’re unable to sell their products to retailers

ROOT CAUSE: the state’s new computer system is having problems communicating with the retail stores

Each product has a traceability number which make it trackable all the way back to the grower and the plant it came from.

East coast tsunami warning was just a test, says National Weather Service

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2018 02 06 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: The weather app Accuweather picked up on the message and sent out a mobile alert to subscribers. People along America’s east coast were alerted to the threat of a tsunami on Tuesday morning – only to then be told that the warning message had been sent in error.

ROOT CAUSE: there’s confusion over whose fault it was

Computer glitch holds up payments to 11000 disabled student veterans

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2018 02 03 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: Monthly stipends for 11,000 disabled student veterans are delayed this month, potentially causing the former troops to be late paying rent, food and other pressing bills.

ROOT CAUSE: a computer glitch

COMPANY RESPONSE: The glitch “has been”fixed and it won’t occur again the future”

“We apologize to the Veterans affected by this inconvenience,”


Vietnam Shares Surge as Long Closure for Technical Glitch Shrugged Off

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2018 02 03 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: Monday’s abrupt halt to trade — and the market’s closure the next two days — tested patience.

“Clients yelled at me a lot, I had loads of transactions undone,” one Hanoi-based trader said of the trading halt.

ROOT CAUSE: a glitch in the software system for the match-order transactions, which crashed late in Monday’s session and prevented the exchange from retrieving a closing point for the VN Index

COMPANY RESPONSE: The system is fully maintained and has been upgraded multiple times to adapt with the growing demand of the market

Munich Airport unveils new centre to fight cyber crime

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2018 01 31 – Click to read full article

PREVENTATIVE MEASURES: The Information Security Hub (ISH) will house a team of IT specialists who will work together with experts from the European aviation industry to develop strategies for defending against cyber attacks and new approaches to the fight against cybercrime

All of the facilities are equipped with computers, network hardware, cameras and projectors. With this equipment, a group can carry out realistic attacks on IT systems for training purposes, for example, with a second group assigned to take defensive measures.

ROOT CAUSE: the airport is the target of cyber attacks on a daily basis

there has been a massive increase in the number of cyber attacks on the IT systems of companies and public authorities in Germany in recent years

Welsh NHS systems failure down to technical glitch, not cyber attack

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2018 01 25 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: Doctors couldn’t access patient contact details or letters from other staff – including blood tests and x-rays

ROOT CAUSE: a failure in two data centres … “our reliance on software and the need for it to work perfectly and that’s difficult in IT environments that are getting more complex by the day”

COMPANY RESPONSE: This is under investigation by the NHS Wales Informatics Service and is being dealt with as a priority


Business owner discovers embezzling scheme thanks to computer virus

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2018 01 27 – Click to read full article

IMPACT: she had embezzled more than $750,000 from her employer

DISCOVERED BY: accidentally installed a virus on his home computer. Since it was also connected to the business network, it had online access to the accounting software. The virus would not let Light sign out of the system which in turn prevented Yangson from using the “single-user” mode. She had been using this to manipulate the books without anyone else noticing