App failure left scared people vulnerable

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Port Lincoln Times – January 8, 2018

ISSUE: the state government approved emergency update app Alert SA … failed

IMPACT: many people in the affected areas who were relying on [the app]

COMPANY RESPONSE: the state government has said it will work on a new mobile solution controlled by emergency services that will be focused on “robustness”

Lack of IT staff leaving companies exposed to hacker attacks

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the Guardian

ROOT CAUSE: 81% expect a rise in demand for digital security staff, but only 16% saw that the demand would be met

ROOT CAUSE: A number of high profile cyber attacks in 2017

RISK: “The cost of dealing with cyber problems is only going to go up, insurance premiums will go up, the price of cleanups will go up.”

SOLUTION: “We were originally plucking people from IT and bolting skills on but we changed our entire recruitment policy including targeting different kinds of people,” said Rob Partridgeat BT Security.

Computer Glitch Knocks Divvy Bikes System Down Wednesday Morning

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CBS Chicago – December 20, 2017

ROOT CAUSE: a glitch with an overnight update to the Divvy system

IMPACT: taken out the city’s Divvy Bikes system during the morning rush

COMPANY RESPONSE: “We are working to resolve the situation quickly and hope to have the system up and running soon,”…

we are working through some larger service issues related to this update now

Thousands without food stamps thanks to computer glitch

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WGN-TV – December 20, 2017

IMPACT: More than 40,000 families in Illinois have lost their food stamp benefits

ROOT CAUSE: a glitch in a new computer system

ROOT CAUSE: recently replaced its 40-year-old computer systems… the new automated process is causing problems, but it has already restored benefits to almost 16,000 households

Banks Are Worried Tech Systems Could Crash After Introduction of New EU Rules

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Bloomberg – December 21, 2017

PREVENTION: [working to prevent] Computers crashing, investors frozen out of markets and a heightened risk of fat finger mistakes

PREVENTION: Banks and asset managers have spent years preparing for the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

ROOT CAUSE: there has been so much late breaking news on MiFID II that everyone is behind…

These five programming languages have flaws that expose apps to attack

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Website programming, source code close-up. Innovative startup project. Computer program preview.

ZDNet – December 11, 2017

ROOT CAUSE: language vulnerabilities are suspected of having been caused by attempts to simplify software development

IMPACT: the research shows that applications can suffer from security issues when using certain features from programming languages

IMPACT: “There are a number of possibilities to be abused in different implementations that could affect secure applications. There are unexpected scenarios for the interpreted programming languages parsing the code in JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby,”

Sloppy coding + huge PSD2 changes = Lots of late nights for banking devs next year

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The Register – December 8, 2017

ROOT CAUSE: Poorly written code

ROOT CAUSE: Financial service firms have many older systems and in some cases have not spent the effort to upgrade them to modern security standards

ROOT CAUSE: financial sector [has] the need to support legacy… apps written in Cobol but also because of complex coding environments

ROOT CAUSE: Companies tend to prioritise user experience at the expense of cybersecurity

IMPACT: leaving banks at greater risk of attack and poorly prepared for big changes in the financial sector due to come into effect early next year

RECOMMENDATION: dedicate effort to remediating security vulnerabilities, even as the business continues to demand more functionality and wants it prioritised over defect-fixing

… The importance of following coding best practices is going to increase once the looming PSD2 for open banking regulations come into effect

HP patch released to stop keyboard-tracking computer bug

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Evening Standard – December 11, 2017

DISCOVERED BY: Michael Myng, who discovered a deactivated keylogger in software on over 460 models of HP laptop

ROOT CAUSE: keylogging software that was accidentally installed on nearly 500 computer models within the last five years

COMPANY RESPONSE: released a security update and has warned owners of HP computers to install it as soon as possible